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Defiance does not choose the beaten path, but always its own course

Frank de Ruijter is the young designer of Defiance. Since he was young he already was creative an fascinated by the world around him. As a child he grabbed every opportunity to create his own world in pencil. Natural materials, like wood drew his attention. In 2005 he graduated as a furniture maker from secondary school in Belgium where he gained experience in material science, drafting, wood working and machining. With this education he had no problem to apply for the Architectural Engineering School in Heerlen, the Netherlands. He went thru the technical disciplines with ease, but the scientifics like mathematics and physics posed a big hurdle that could not be taken. "The urge to create was strengthened by the will to make that one difference". This urge was the reason for the establishment of Defiance after the creation of the first plans for the D_BED. "What I want is to realise a special and distinctive product, in which I can incorporate all life's experiences.
Designing, planning and managing everything yourself gives you an opportunity to make something unique. Especially if it comes to the design process and quality, there has to be a lot of attention spent to keep the standards high." Defiance's style is strongly influenced by the Dutch Rationalism, Art Deco, Amsterdam School and Prairie School of Frank Lloyd Wright which all roughly converge in the same style period in history. In 2010 Frank de Ruijter designed the "Vänern Hus", an opulent villa on the coast of lake Vänern in Sweden,where all these influences converged for the first time to create the Defiance- style. "Defiance does not choose the beaten path, but always its own course."
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